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About Us Merchant Platform Offering More Savings and Discount is the perfect multiple stores platform offering customers more selections than any online site and savings from a variety of discounts. And there’s more, discounts and savings are just the beginning. The online shop’s referral system allows you to earn more when you refer a friend. This referral system gives you a chance to earn not just once but for life.


AquaOffers is a two year in the making merchant platform that lets merchants such as Souq, Expedia, and Agoda reach different customers on a global scale, especially people from the MENA region, UK and USA. Businesses selling different merchandise as well as services connect with people from all four corners of the world with a click of a button. Customers, on the other hand, get the best discount options, special offers that equal savings.


The Mission

The aim is to provide customers the best prices from their favorite merchants. Cashback, coupons, special offers and the best savings while getting the best product are all under one platform. We believe relationships are built with a win-win strategy. Our ever expanding selection of merchants proves that we have the capacity to give the best savings options and earnings as the site referred to friends and family. Our loyal customers get the chance to have a lifetime of earnings. Savings and earnings under one website/platform!


Here is what you get from AquaOffers:

- Different Discount Options - Because of our wide range of merchant relationships, we are able to offer different savings and discount deals, from cash back to best offers. These are all available to you on one merchant platform.

- Be Part of the Earning System - Our system is for everybody to earn and be in a win-win strategy. You buy at cheaper prices, our partner merchants get the income, refer a friend and you get earnings through commissions for life. There are no limits and an unlimited number of purchases and referrals. Everybody wins savings, discounts and earnings in one platform, whether you are a merchant or customer.


Discounts from coupons, cashback, special deals and the best offers are all in one website with our ever expanding merchant partners. So, click on Coupons, Deals and Refer & Earn to see your best options.

- We offer all kind discounts through cashback, coupons, deals and best offers for hundreds of merchants in one place

- We base our strategy on a win win system. You buy cheaper, do your friends a favor and offer them totally free discounts, and each time they purchase you earn a part from our commission for life with unlimited referrals or number of purchases.